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BAA04-13 - Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN)

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005
Administered by:

Department of Defense, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Contracts Management Office
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  • Original Grant - May 27, 2004
Applications Due:

May 26, 2005

total funding: $7,000,000
max award: $7,000,000
min award: $0
cost sharing, matching: No
number of awards: Not Available
type of funding: Cooperative Agreement, Grant, Other, Procurement Contract

BROAD AGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT (BAA) 04-13 Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN); CLOSING DATE: One year from the date of its publication in www.fedbizopps.gov and www.fedgrants.gov; FULL PROPOSALS FOR FIRST SELECTIONS: 9 July 2004; POC: Preston Marshall, DARPA/ATO; Email: BAA04-13@darpa.mil; Web: www.darpa.mil/ato/solicit/DTN/index.htm
PROGRAM OBJECTIVES AND DESCRIPTION: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) Advanced Technology Office (ATO) is soliciting proposals under this BAA for the development and demonstration of key technologies based on several "problem areas" in the implementation of DTN. The Disruption Tolerant Networking program will develop and demonstrate technology that will provide network services when no end-to-end path exists through the network, and additional network behavior and functionality required as DoD transitions from conventional networks to more dynamic, self-forming, peer to peer architectures, such as Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETS). This program builds on work previously performed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Delay Tolerant Networking Research program (http://www.dtnrg.org). The DARPA DTN program's goal is to provide delay tolerance by organizing information flow into bundles. These bundles are to be routed through an "intelligent" network that can manage the delivery of the bundles to the maximal extent permitted by the available topology. This method will allow messages to pass through the network with successive responsibilities, rather than the traditional end-to-end scheme. In the DARPA DTN program, features appropriate to military use of the Delay Tolerant mechanism will be researched.

This BAA requests proposals for Phase 1 "only" of a potential 3 phase program. There may be subsequent BAA(s) to address Phase 2 and 3.

Phase 1 will focus on the development and demonstration of key technologies based on several "problem areas" in the implementation of DTN and evolution into the capabilities of a disruption tolerant network. Phase 2, is anticipated to address the integration of the phase 1 technologies into a single framework that meets military needs. Phase 3 is anticipated to consist of experiments and demonstrations of the integrated DTN system. Progression through the program will be based on successful completion of the program metrics as indicated in the BAA and future solicitation activities.

In Phase 1, the Government anticipates from one to three awards in three "problem areas" of fuzzy delivery scheduling, policy-based resource planning and utilization, and late binding. These areas are described in the BAA. The Government desires to award the optimum combination of proposals, which offers the best overall value to the Government. DARPA reserves the right to fund some, all, or none of the proposals submitted under this BAA. Further, DARPA may choose to select for negotiation all of a given proposal, or selected portions thereof.

PROPOSERS DAY CONFERENCE: A Proposers Day Conference was held on January 21, 2004 to provide additional information, discussion, and to facilitate teaming on this topic. Proposers Day information will be posted to http://www.darpa.mil/ato/solicit/DTN/index.htm for proposer review. NOTE: It was not mandatory to attend the Proposers Day Conference to respond to this BAA.

EVALUATION CRITERIA: Proposals will be evaluated on their general merit, compliance with program requirements, and other factors listed below. In order of importance, the proposal Evaluation Criteria includes: (a) Technical Approach; (b) Management Approach; (c) Potential Contribution and Relevance to the DARPA/ATO Mission; and (d) Cost Realism.

ADDITIONAL GUIDANCE: Proposers choosing to respond to this BAA must read the associated Proposer Information Pamphlet that provides specific information about this BAA, including instructions on how to respond. The pamphlet is available at http://www.darpa.mil/ato/solicit/DTN/index.htm and http://www.fedgrants.gov. In the event of any conflict between what is posted at http://www.darpa.mil/ato/solicit/DTN/index.htm and http://www.fedgrants.gov, the information posted at http://www.fedgrants.gov shall take precedence.

Technical Point of Contact:
Preston Marshall, Program Manager, ATO
Email: BAA04-13@darpa.mil

Who can apply:


Eligible functional categories:
Funding Sources:

Research and Technology Development

More Information:

If you have problems accessing the full announcement, please contact: Cicala, Anthony

Address Info:

Department of Defense, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Contracts Management Office

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